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Diabetes in Motion

The Caring Cure

What We Do

  • Develop and administer dynamic, holistic, self-management programs for persons with diabetes.
  • Train healthcare professionals in the skills needed to facilitate small groups of persons with diabetes.

What You Do

  • Manage your stress and anxiety.
  • Share your story.
  • Meet in small group settings.
  • Work with medical doctors, nurses, and dietitians.

How It Works

Diabetes In Motion is a process of self-management where you learn about your relationship with diabetes. When you manage your stress and anxiety, you can more easily follow good medical advice. When you share your story, you experience your life and you can change who you are. When you share with others in small group settings, you learn to really listen. We invite you to work with our medical doctors, nurses, and dietitians to begin your own personal exploration. Our work is built upon the practice of mindfulness.